Frequently Asked Questions


Does Sanctuary Blooms Deliver?

We are currently delivering within the city limits of Elk Grove and Wilton, California for a fee. We offer FREE, flexible, pick up in Elk Grove and are working to expand our delivery options.

How is Sanctuary Blooms different from other florists?

Sanctuary Blooms is rooted in local agriculture! Our goal is to fill our arrangements with flowers and foliage that are grown right here in the Sacramento Valley, and expand into sharing our love of growing with our community.

Do you grow ALL of your stems yourself?

Right now, we are able to grow aprox. 60% of our stems ourselves (with the bulk of that showing up late March - early October). We are committed to a 5 year plan that is heavily focused on inching that percentage up each season!

When will you begin growing and arranging workshops?

Our hope is to offer some of each beginning in 2021! Until then, keep an eye out on instagram (@thehobbyhome) as Nicole often posts seeding, growing and arranging videos, updates and inspiration on her feed and in stories!