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Frequently Asked Questions


Is your Premium Wrapped Bouquet the same as a Flower Subscription Bouquet?

Our Premium Wrapped Bouquets are quite similar to our Subscription Bouquets.

The main differences are:

* Subscription bouquets come at a discount to honor your purchase commitment.

* Subscription bouquets receive the first and best stems from each harvest.

* Subscription bouquets often include special stems that are grown specifically for subscriptions. We do this to further highlight the unique experience associated with supporting local flower farms through a subscription program.

* In addition, we keep a list of subscription clients' favorite flowers and colors and thoughtfully include those favorites in their subscriptions as they bloom. 

We put our hearts into making our Premium Wrapped Bouquets the most beautiful, fresh and unique bouquets around! We want these one time gifts to be special, memorable and evoke feelings that can't be purchased from a petrol station flower display. That said, if you LOVE our flowers, the Subscription Bouquet the way to go!

How is Sanctuary Blooms different from other florists?

Sanctuary Blooms Flower Farm is a Certified Grower and rooted in local agriculture! We are what many refer to as your "Local Farmer-Florist". Our goal is to fill our arrangements with flowers and foliage grown right here in the Sacramento Valley, as we share our love of growing with our local community.

Do you grow ALL of your stems yourself?

We grow an estimated 90 percent of what we use in our design work, most from a tiny seed, in a given season. We feel comfortably settled on that percentage! This leaves us the flexibility to collaborate with other local farms for fun varieties and season extension.

When do you offer growing and arranging workshops?

We have moved in the direction of offering Workshops and Bloom Bars as privately hosted events. If you would like to plan one for an upcoming occasion, group event or night out contact us for more details! However, it never hurts to keep an eye out...we are feeling inspired to throw a fun event or two into our 2024 schedule!

Can we come visit the farm?

This is probably our most asked question and the one we most dislike our answer for. Our flower farm is also our private residence and a working farm. Unfortunately, our land doesn't allow for suitable parking, accessibility considerations, and a whole host of requirements required for public access permitting. We would love to carve out time for you to walk amongst the flowers, but we are not situated to do so legally.

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