Choose this option if you would like fresh, local flowers (for pick up or delivery) once per month! You can choose your favorite display style from a Handwrapped Bouquet to a  Grand Decorative Vase Arrangement. 


Subscription Info:

Subscription Clients are the backbone of our farm and gardens, which means that you get all the personalized treatment! Once we process your subscription order, you will receive an email questionnaire which will allow you to further customize your subscription. We will ask for your preferences on flower varieties, color choices, pick up/delivery days & times, and much more. 


FAQ: What is a Decorative Vase Swap Arrangement?

A Decorative Vase Swap is a service we provide for clients that love to have a new decorative accent to enjoy with each subscription.

Here's How It Works:

1. We build your arrangement in a premium decorative vase that matches the style you indicate in your questioneer.

2. You enjoy the decorative piece, in your space, for the life of your flowers at no charge.

3. Then, simply, leave the vase out for us when you receive your new Decorative Vase Arrangement to enjoy! 


Monthly Subscription Options

PriceFrom $35.00
Price Options
Monthly Subscription
Enjoy Local Flowers Once A Month
$35.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Photos represent examples of our work, not exact replicas of what you will recieve. As a Local Farmer-Florist, we customize your arrangement utilizing the best of what's in bloom on the date of your subscription.